Welcome to the Full Manual International HubEdit

The immediate objective of this wiki is to make FIFA Full Manual ProClub Contact List all over the world.

Then test the network match quality and let's make international friendly matches.

Actually net delay is difficult. But close countries will be able to interact.

There is a PS4 comunity as same name of this wiki.


FIFA Full Manual ProClub Contact List Edit

This site is edit free. Please Add your club's contact info directly(Only PS4 Full Manual ProClub). Or comment to PS4 comunity.

Club Name Country Number of Players Name of Representative Contact PSN ID Club Site URL
JapanManual Japan 17 Miyabi sakalab
FC Manualists Japan
Fuma Soccerteam France Magicwad33 Magicwad33
Fuma Team France Pro Fuma Soccer Zhephania

Latest activityEdit

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